Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Farmington, New Mexico

View of Downtown Farmington New MexicoSo everyone its been amazing here at the MTC. I leave this Monday to New Mexico Farmington at 3am (yaaay). I have learned so much here I'm so blessed to be able to feel the spirit everyday its an amazing feeling. they teach us so many great things and i know that my purpose is to simply invite others to come unto Christ and believe him. I feel a little weird sometimes because when we have devotionals and they ask "so who is a convert??" Its just me haha but i cam to realize that i can connect with my investigators and tell them why i chose to be baptized and why I'm now serving a mission. Every week we get the chance to teach an investigator me and my companion got the chance to teach Javier, it was scary at first but we both brought the spirit with us and the lesson went amazing. I could relate to him a lot because he used to be catholic and he really admired me for that and i shared with him that i knew that this church was true and he really was interested. I know that the Lord knows exactly who i need to teach and i know he is preparing people for me, just as he is preparing me. I'm greatull for my Savior. I know when im feeling home sick or feeling down, he is always there and he helps me in everything i need. i used to be the girl that didn't carry tissues.. you all should see my back pack its fully of them. I learned to be able to feel the spirit more and to see people with love. My companion is amazing and i made a promise to myself that i would never have contention between us and when I shared this people laughed and said goo luck with that.. but i can still say me and my companion are best friends and when ever we have a problem we turn to the Lord, and i know that this will help me to be a better wife and mother. I love you all and i cant wait to be able to tell you more. 
- Sister Nava 
Ps. I get to go to the temple today for a session I can't wait!

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