Monday, March 4, 2013


Hi everyone!! well my first  day when i arrived at the MTC i was a little scared but seeing sooo many missionaries was absolutely amazing.  My second day at the MTC we got to meet President Wenn and he is such and amazing person he interviewed us to get to know us and after that during class he called me to be the Coordinator Sister for my district. I was shocked and kind of scared, i mean  it was my second day here and i was called to do something that i have never before done, but one of the thoughts that came in my mind was i cant never stop serving the Lord and if he thinks that I am capable of doing this then i will be able to. Pretty much my job as the Coordinator Sister is to interview other sisters and next week i will be in charge of all the new sisters in My district. I'm so thankful that the Lord knows that i can do this, its a lot of work but i know i can do this. Being at the MTC has helped me to learn so much about the Doctrine of Christ. It helps me know that this church is true. I know that through our hard times that the savior is always ther.
I had the opportunity to teach an investigator with my companion. We both prepared a lesson and when we got there to teach this young man we were thrown off. All of our plans and our entire lesson fell through but being able to have the spirit we were able to teach him and apply a different lesson just for him. I realized that sometimes in life we have a plan and there are sometimes that it doesn't work, but if we have the spirit with us anything is possible. i learned that sometimes its good to pause and listen to those small promptings we must do. I'm thankful i get to experience this journey.
I also realized that i don't want my mission to be an "oh" i want it to be a "WOW".. there is a story to this usually when people ask "where are you going?" you say "im going to so and so" and they reply "ooooohhhhhh" or if its out side the country they reply " wooooow!!!" and i personally think that every mission is a WOW because its the experiences you have and its the people you meet that make your mission that wow.
 I set a goal to always try to make my mission the best thing that i have ever done and to always be grateful for this opportunity.
I love you guys and miss you. I have limited time on the computer so i cant make it that long.
Sister Nava

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