Monday, March 18, 2013


Everyone YA Te!! it means hello in Navajo well I'm having a great time with my companion she is from Arizona. I dint know her but now i do. So the are Banding is awesome very small hometown very humble but i love it.  Blading Utah its sooo humble here holly cow!! Sisters dont cover the reservations but Me and sister Maynez do because we are teaching a woman who only trust woman she lives in the reservation and i get to go teach her this week. I'm a little nervous because i haven't been to the reservations.. i felt soo dumb because when we got to the airport and drove to the mission home i was soo amazed at with all the natives and i thought that all of the trailers were reservations but they laughed and said this was nothing compared to the reservations... i then started to freak out cause man oh man its truly humble here. We visit this young gril her name is lAikyn and usually in the Native culture 6 or more families live in a trailer so you can just imagine what its like. I just want to help people its sad., some don't even have water or heaters:( In blading there is only one Stop light it makes me laugh but seriously its crazy there is nothing here!!! There is one movie theater that only plays one movie on Fridays poor teenagers. The chapel that we attend  has 4 floors its huge!!! the members her are great. Me and my companion are now The Spanish speaking sisters for our entire zone. There is alot of Natives here they are sooo interesting. We currently have set 3 baptisms for the next couple of weeks its soo amazing to see people change there lifes my  companion and i had an awesome week for having 16 lessons and 3 baptism date. I don't have a lot of time to write ill write more next time. I miss you all.

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